It’s time we begin writing your success story

The credibility of a Dixy franchise has been strengthened due to the fact that it strives to flourish your business and ensures you optimum return on your investment.

The attraction of opting for a Dixy franchise lies in the fact that Dixy management goes the extra mile to support the franchisee, equip him with the tricks of the trade and ensure he has a smoothly running business to reach soaring heights.

Our support and your commitment can lead to a proven reward-earning business option a Dixy Chicken franchise.
We take it upon ourselves to provide you with expert advice and strategic plans to ensure a thriving business.

Why Dixy?

The Dixy Head Office supports you in setting up the business through to its smooth running. Every product sold under the Dixy brand, be it the franchise we sell you or the fast food you sell to your customers, is great value for money. This is precisely what makes us the fastest growing fast food chain in Europe.

At Dixy Chicken, our dreams are yours to share. Our vision and a dynamic and experienced management team have put us on the global map. We are a brand our franchise holders take pride in being associated with, and we take pride in their triumphant stories! We have backed, and seen, our associates work their way to success and fortune.

Our support and your commitment can lead to a proven reward-earning business option…a Dixy Chicken franchise.

What we have to offer?

Set-up: We assist you in setting up the entire outlet. This includes acquiring the equipment, refurbishing the interiors, maintaining brand identity and the initial marketing and launch of the outlet.
Initial operations: We assist you soon after the launch of the outlet to make certain that you do not face any operational difficulties. An experienced field manager from Head Office is appointed to supervise the staff and the product preparation methods in the outlet. We also provide you with any required technical or marketing support. Our aim is to hand you a efficiently running, hassle-free business.

Staff Training: A dedicated training center has been set up by Head Office to provide food hygiene and customer relations training to all staff members, equipping them to adhere to the quality and service standards, set by Dixy.

Quality Control: We are committed to maintaining premium quality standards for all our products and services. Benchmarked product quality and services are maintained through regular quality tests, hygiene tests and mask test, where a third party employed by Head Office poses as a customer, without the knowledge of counter staff, to ensure customer service and relationship management. Who are we looking for?

At Dixy, each application form is carefully reviewed to ensure that we bring on board like-minded and allegiance-driven individuals who strive to succeed. People are at the core of our business and we therefore give due consideration to their backgrounds, previous work areas, the level of expertise and the urge to translate the business into a success story.

Whilst strong entrepreneurial skills and a thorough grasp of business tactics are extremely essential, we also support individuals who have in them the potential to take up the business challenge and move ahead, equipped with a new learning process, backed by Head Office.

At Dixy, anyone who strives for quality, innovation, rewarding returns and strong growth across continents is welcome to write their success stories.

All Franchise Agreement Should Be Verified And Approved By Dixy Head Office
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